Starwood A.ş Ürün No: #129


According to customer demands, Starwood enlarged its product range with manufacturing ultra thin MDF and MDF in 2008, using specialized machinery for ultra thin MDF production.

Using its special line, in the dimensions of 210 x 280 and 183 x 366, starting from 1,5 mm up to 25 mm, Starwood manufactures 700 m3 MDF per day. The strongly demanded MDF thicknesses like 16 and 18 mm are also offered using all Starwood color and designs as MDFLAM.

Starwood started to print surface layers of MDF with its brand new, state – of – the – art printing line, not only for as back panels of cupboards but also for furniture industry in furniture quality. This lacquered printing process has all related standards with high scratch and wear resistance.